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Shareholder Engagement Policy

Shawcor believes it is important to engage with its shareholders. We provide ongoing information to our shareholders in our annual meeting, annual and quarterly reports, management information circular, annual information form, news releases, website, earnings calls and at industry conferences and other meetings. 

Our annual meeting, which is webcast live, allows shareholders to receive an update on our business and interact with the Board, the CEO, the CFO and senior management. We host earnings calls every quarter that are open to all shareholders, with a live webcast and question and answer period. Our CEO, CFO and senior management speak at investor and industry conferences, host Company site visits and meet in person or by phone with shareholders one-on-one as part of our regular shareholder engagement. Our Investor Relations department is also available for meetings and calls to address shareholder questions and to provide public information on Shawcor. Press release, financial and corporate information and our investor presentation can be found on-line at

Shawcor shareholders may communicate with the Board through the office of the Secretary or the Chair of the Company. The Secretary and/or the Chair will determine whether the communication received should be addressed by the Board or management. Topics suitable for Board-shareholder communication include:

  • Board composition and performance
  • CEO performance
  • Executive compensation
  • Senior management succession planning
  • Corporate governance practices and disclosure
  • Material strategic decisions
  • Overall financial performance

The Company and/or Board, as applicable, will endeavour to respond to all appropriate correspondence in a timely manner.


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